Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsorship opportunities exist for the training and educational efforts and activities of the Consortium. Supporting the Consortium is an excellent way for your organization to raise awareness of its commitment to financial literacy outreach.


Consortium Educational Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Sponsorship Opportunities with host location provided:

Breakfast                              $   750

A.M. Half Day Session            $1,000

Lunch                                   $1,500

P.M. Half Day Session             $1,750


Sponsorship Opportunities without host location:

         Breakfast                     $1,750

         Lunch                          $2,500


With your sponsorship, you would have the following benefits:

  • Listing on the Consortium website as an event sponsor
  • Listing on all invitation materials as an event sponsor
  • Listing on the agenda as an event sponsor
  • Ability to display resource materials at the meeting for all attendees
  • In addition to having the keynote speaker position, you would have an additional 5 minutes to give attendees an overview of the work of your organization

The Consortium attracts a wide variety of individuals, organizations, companies and agencies. Sponsorship would give you the opportunity to share with attendees some of the areas of research and focus that many attendees may not be aware of within your organization.

There are additional sponsorship opportunities available for the Consortium’s direct outreach with case workers, educators, students, senior citizens and others.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring specific outreach efforts, please contact:

Nancy Schwartzmiller
Executive Director of the Consortium
Ph: 404-240-0790
E-mail: gaconsortium@bellsouth.net